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Little Odd Me

You were the first person I thought of when I heard the news (ok, after a few minutes of feeling sorry for myself first). I'm so sorry for this added loss. :(


I thought of you too. If you have access to your mum's blog you could import it to Wordpress or Typepad to save it?



Hey girl... catch me up there, I'm going to try and add something when I can. We've been trucking so much, no time for blogging. I did get mine moved over to typepad, was really easy to import and saved my pictures too. Hope you are able to access Gina's blog and move it, she had some awesome pictures and you know with her birthday coming up, I can't help but miss her more than I already do. Doggone girl, I used to call her up and we'd rattle about this and that and our grandkids and kids and husbands and everything in between. Sometimes now I catch myself picking up the phone to call her. I miss her sweetie, what can I say.  Ly and yak at me once in a while. So happy things are looking up for y'all. Take care, think of you often.


Hey... give me a shout, on my blog or by phone. LY


Hey jane, I am so sorry to hear about your mom, I know its not easy.. I wasn't able to move my moms blog to this site, with as fast as her health went down hill she was unable to give me the password along with the very last blog she wanted posted before she passed.. I lost my phone with your number in it.. So email me at imjustme_simpleasthat@yahoo.com, don't want to post my number on this site i can't figure out how to send messages on here. Would like to keep in touch with you.. And as i said before I am really sorry about your mom.. I am right with you on the regret thing, there is so much I wish i did differently and wish I had more time with my mom, so she could see how well i am doing now.. anyway write when time allows.. HOpe to hear from you soon.. ILY

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